Kotkan seudun joukkoliikenne organises public transport services in the Hamina-Kotka-Pyhtää region. Four payment zones are in use in the Kotka region: A = The Pyhtää and Huruksela area, B = Kotka local transport and the Huutjärvi-Siltakylä area, C = Hamina city and D = The Pyhältö area in Hamina.


Waltti travel cards can be purchased and loaded using the Waltti web shop, at the Ruori customer service point, at the Haminan Linnoitus swimming centre that acts as Hamina’s service point, the Huutjärvi library, and the R-kioski in Karhula (Eteläinen Karjalantie 3). In addition, you can also load season and value tickets onto your Waltti card on Kotkan seudun joukkoliikenne buses which accept Waltti tickets. Ticket prices are the same at all sales points, but there are some differences in service charges.

The available Waltti tickets are: single tickets, value tickets, and season tickets.

Service point

Kirkkokatu 6
FI-48100 Kotka

+358 (0)5 234 4444